OWL Medical is Organic With Love Foundation's newest program. We are incredibly excited to share our ideas, our vision, and the upcoming steps for this program.

OWL Medical

Why OWL Medical? Our Founder Liz has a huge passion for medicine, specifically international medicine. She is a trained and board certified Physician Assistant specializing in emergency medicine. After finishing PA school and before starting her first 'real' job, she left the country and lived in Cusco, Peru for 2 months. While improving her Spanish, she was also able to volunteer at the local government hospital and saw things she could have never imagined. These things were heart breaking, eye opening, and made her extremely grateful for the healthcare system back home. This experience not only changed her as a person, but also shaped the way she practices medicine. 

Throughout her career, she has continued to serve medical missions, but has also realized the limitations in doing so mostly secondary to the cost. It is her vision to create OWL Medical not just to serve those kids in need locally, but to also serve internationally. To be able to use her skills for a greater cause.

One major component of this medical program will be a sponsorship for premed students. With most medical missions ranging in price from $2000-$3000, many students will never have the chance to experience this life altering opportunity. 

Our founder Liz stated, "If volunteering overseas had such a profound impact on my life, I can only imagine the significance to students who want to pursue medicine. These students will be some of the most compassionate healthcare providers and leaders in our community." 

It's More Than Just An Idea

This year a simple phone call made this more than just an idea. This fall/winter, we will be traveling to Ecuador to meet with local leaders and providers to establish a medical need in the community. If all goes well, we will have quiet a bit of work to do on the back end to include raising funds, meeting with lawyers and obtaining proper liability insurance, bringing on a medical director for the program, and we are sure much more. 

Our goal is to have our first OWL sponsored medical mission in quarter 3 of 2019. Please follow along as we work hard to get this program up and running. If you have any questions or would like to be involved, please email us at