OWL Foundation

Organic with Love + Foundation was founded by Liz Khoury in loving memory of her cousin, Jennifer Marie, who passed away August 8th, 2015 at the young age of 30 from metastatic breast cancer. 

Jen was someone that could be described as a generous soul that could light up any room with her witty humor and smile. She was one of few in this world that truly knew how to love unconditionally. EVERYONE came before she did, even complete strangers. At the time of her passing, she was actively donating to two different children’s charities. 

Liz is a certified physician assistant specializing in emergency medicine and clinical education. She has a passion for international medicine and dreams to use her skills for what she believes is a greater cause. 

Liz's biggest fear after Jen’s passing was that she would be forgotten in time. Someone who so greatly impacted her life and inspired so many more, Liz chose to start Organic With Love + Foundation as a means to keep Jen's legacy and passions alive. Jen’s generosity, inspiration, and unconditional love are the core values and building blocks of our foundation. 

 Organic With Love Foundation’s Mission

  • To ensure that every child has a fair chance at a healthy, happy, and successful future.
  • To strengthen key community relations to build awareness, promote charitable advocacy, and encourage commitment to social action.

 Organic With Love Foundation’s Vision

Our vision is to be a globally recognized non-profit organization that aids in helping children around the world from donations, community outreach events, sponsored medical missions and everything in between.