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With time and multiple website changes, we have lost some important content. It was content that shared our who, what, where, and why's. I realize that those who have not been a part of Organic With Love since the beginning may not know why this foundation was started and the difference we are out to make. So here is it. Our first "comeback", "throwback" blog.

*Disclaimer- this is written by an amateur whose expertise is neither spelling or grammar. This will be the raw, unedited, perfectly imperfect version ;)

Organic With Love + Foundation was started in loving memory of my cousin Jen. Let me take a few to share a little about Jen and our relationship. Jen and I grew up together. Being six months apart, she was the “older sister” I never had. Jen was the well behaved, book smart, loving kid, and the receiver of most of my instigations. Me on the other hand…. Well, I am sure most of you could guess. I think she only wound up at the hospital once lol.

Jen and I both went to The University of Arizona and graduated together in 2004. I think like most “younger siblings” there was a degree of excitement and comfort in knowing she was in Tucson with me. Our four years together consisted of many last minute lunch dates, holidays and birthdays, UofA sporting events, road trips between Phoenix and Tucson, and Jen “helping” me write my papers.

After graduation, Jen stayed in Tucson to work at UofA with the graduate students and my education brought me back to Phoenix.

Fast forward to 2012. Jen had met the love of her life and tied the knot in December of 2012 in Tucson. Three short months later and 11 days after her 28th birthday, Jen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. For the next year she would under go chemo, radiation, and a bilateral mastectomy. Just shy of being in remission for one year, she had found that the cancer metastasized throughout her body. An initial prognosis of two years quickly changed and Jen passed away 3.5 months later on August 8th, 2015 at the age of 30.

Jen was someone I would describe as a generous soul that could light up any room with her witty humor and smile. She was one of few in this world that truly knew how to love unconditionally. EVERYONE came before she did, even complete strangers. At the time of her passing, I learned she was actively donating to two different children’s charities. One, an international sponsorship and the other, a local nonprofit in Tucson.

My Why:

My biggest fear after Jen’s passing was that she would be forgotten in time. Someone that so greatly impacted my life and inspired so many more, I could not allow that to happen. I chose to start Organic With Love + Foundation as a means to keep her legacy and passions alive. Jen’s generosity, inspiration, and unconditional love are the core values and building blocks of our foundation. This allows us to build key community relationships across the valley, promote charitable advocacy, and encourage commitment to social action, which allows us to help youth in need in her memory.

Organic With Love + Foundation officially launched August 8th, 2016 on the one year anniversary of Jen’s passing.

I thank you all for your support and following over the past 1.5 years and for joining me on this journey! More blog posts to come... 


Founder, Organic With Love + Foundation


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