A Little Update

I figured it was time to write a short update blog since our big move to Denver.

I will start by saying that I absolutely love Denver. What is so great?!? Let me tell you. To start the weather is absolutely beautiful. Even on the cold, windy, and rainy days. I did get snow one day and I think I was a little too excited ;). What else... Everyone is outside! Always! Cycling, running, walking, and playing. And, there are dogs everywhere! I truly feel that it's a perfect fit, but we can touch base again in the winter lol. 

What's new with Organic With Love? Honestly, not too much. I moved almost 1.5 months ago, but have physically only been in Denver for 10 days. It has been a busy time trying to balance my career as a physician assistant and managing Organic With Love. It's okay though. 

While I did release new products for Mother's Day and Father's Day, I have not been pushing our organic skincare line or the sales of our products. It has become very clear to me, that I want to take Organic With Love in a new direction focusing solely on the nonprofit and impacting children and not selling products. With that being said, we donated 50 lip balms to be given to the Love Group, a nonprofit that inspires and educates the next generation of female leaders (high school age) through speaking engagements that cover crucial topics of health, food, self-acceptance, finance, beauty, body-image, wardrobe, bullying, exercise, entrepreneurship, gratitude, budgeting, attracting healthy relationships, positivity, confidence, and most importantly, self-love. I think myself and others can stand behind that and support that we are out to make a positive impact in our community.

So whats next for OWL? I will continue to sell our organic skincare products while supplies last. At that time, I will re-evaluate. Over the past year, it has become very clear that through proper fundraising, the nonprofit can sustain itself and not be dependent on the sales of our products. That's pretty exciting!!! I will continue to network in the community and share the mission of Organic With Love. The next goal, which was always a part of the creation of OWL, will be to combine mine and Jen's passions and create a medical program that helps our youth in need. Just like with anything great, I know this will take time and I am okay with that. The journey of creating this new program will be very exciting! 

I thank you all for being present and a part of the journey thus far and encourage you to keep following along. It is going to be fun :)



Founder Organic With Love + Foundation

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